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How Do Employees Of XXX Perceive the Effectiveness of the Companys Staff Appraisal System - Research Paper Example

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The paper contains a research proposal, the research question of which is whether employees of XXX perceive the effectiveness of the staff appraisal system and the hypothesis of which is 'It is expected that the majority of staff will have negative perceptions of the performance appraisal system' …
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How Do Employees Of XXX Perceive the Effectiveness of the Companys Staff Appraisal System
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Extract of sample "How Do Employees Of XXX Perceive the Effectiveness of the Companys Staff Appraisal System"

Download file to see previous pages In light of the research question, what constitutes an effective performance appraisal needs to be determined first, in order to appreciate, identify with and empathize with staff perceptions. Personal development is a necessary element for both personal and organizational benefits, and performance appraisals are the best means of identifying the training needs of staff, as well as being a systematic mechanism for evaluating the standards of staff performance, determining salaries and advancements and detecting any factors that impinge on staff effectiveness. An effective appraisal system is one that considers cultural values (Feng, Foster & Healing), that is perceived by staff as being fair and acceptable, that is a reciprocal cooperation between staff and management and one that is appropriate to daily duties (Duraisingam & Skinner, 2005). Such a system fosters staff satisfaction and motivation.
A number of factors other than performance appraisal methods must be considered when developing a new and effective system; other factors that might explain staff perceptions of personal appraisals are fairness and cultural awareness. Kavanagh, Benson & Brown (2007) discuss theoretical support for performance appraisal processes and explain that such support is evidenced in ‘control theory and social exchange theory’ (p.134). Process control theory proposes that staff perceptions of fairness are related to the degree of control each employee is able to employ within the process (Konovsky, 2000, p.493 cited in Kavanagh, Benson & Brown, 2007). Social exchange theory, on the other hand, refers to ‘relationships that entail unspecified future obligations’ (Kavanagh, Benson & Brown, 2007, p. 134), wherein the way management treats employees is of significance. Fairness, therefore, may be perceived in relation to the amount of control an employee has within the process and the way in which their appraiser handles the process.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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