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Should Patricia Dunn Have Been Forced to Resign - Term Paper Example

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The author of the paper states that based on the moral good of everyone and actions that bring happiness to all, it was right for the Hewlett-Packard to sack Patricia Dunn. Patricia’s actions led to more controversies and fears about the leakage of company information to the media …
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Should Patricia Dunn Have Been Forced to Resign
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Extract of sample "Should Patricia Dunn Have Been Forced to Resign"

Download file to see previous pages In simple terms, pretexting is lying, plain and simple. It has been successful and popular because it is discreet and innovative as well. Pretexting is an old art for that is much like martial arts. It has been refined and adapted to modern uses. Like martial arts, it is a weapon that is kept secret, is not for everyone and is used to spar with our enemy to ultimately win. It is also a weapon that is dangerous in the wrong hands or when misunderstood and misused. This investigative technique is constantly under attack and is now essentially illegal for most common uses and investigative needs. Regardless of the intent, it is illegal to conduct investigations using these techniques as Patricia Dunn had done. Similarly, martial arts were a direct result of traditional fighting methods being made illegal.
There are several ethical issues to investigations, and particularly pretexting. Given the nature of pretexting, for instance, verbal telephone scams, impersonation or computer generated checks, the related rise in identity theft, and carelessness on the part of some less scrupulous colleagues, key components and methods used in pretexting have become illegal. Pretexting should be avoided either directly or indirectly in investigations (Sarathy and Robertson, 2003).
There is always that time, as in the case of Patricia Dunn, when a piece of information is vital to have and pretexting is thought to be necessary because it is for a good cause or purpose. One question that should bother people is: is bending a rule or two the right thing to do? The obvious answer is a nay. That is exactly what contributes to the past and current overzealous enactment of legislation.
Technology today, for instance, automated phone number captures, instantaneous record updates; have one significant thing in common: they create a permanent record.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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