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Historical Fiction: Interpretation of Myth of Prometheus in Regard to Leadership Theory - Essay Example

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This essay presents a modern view of the myth about Prometheus. Interest to this myth and its interpretation in the paradigm of consideration of leadership qualities of Prometheus can be explained by the current relevance of leadership in management and business…
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Historical Fiction: Interpretation of Myth of Prometheus in Regard to Leadership Theory
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Extract of sample "Historical Fiction: Interpretation of Myth of Prometheus in Regard to Leadership Theory"

Download file to see previous pages A legendary myth about Prometheus evokes the deepest feelings of modern readers. Its popularity can be explained by a fascinating plot, dynamics of events and deep ideas rooted inside the myth. Prometheus is a well-known Titan. A classical Greek myth about this outstanding character discusses the life and struggle for freedom of humanity by this man with “foresight” (his name is translated in such a way). Prometheus’ father initiated the revolt against Gods together with his two children. Prometheus and Epimetheus (his brother) didn’t support their family and sided with the Gods.
Further events of the myth describe Prometheus and Epimetheus' journey to the Greek province of Boitia. There two brothers made clay figures, Athena brought these two figures to life. Prometheus creation turned into Man and his brother’s creation turned into the Beast.
Zeus was hostile toward brothers’ attempts to create men and animals. Nevertheless, Athena helped Prometheus to teach men civilization. Zeus forbade giving fire to men and forbade Prometheus to enter Olympus. A strong desire of Prometheus to help all men and endow them with all benefits of progress made it possible to enter Olympus. Prometheus lit a torch from the fires on the Sun and brought that torch to men. He brought coals to the men.
Zeus was angry and told Pandora to give a ‘present’ to Prometheus,–a box containing all the evils and troubles of the world. Thanks to his foresight, Prometheus didn’t open that box. Instead, he gave it to his brother to open and all the horrors of the world were scattered in the world.
Zeus was indignant because his direct gift was refused. Zeus made Prometheus to be chained to a rock in the Caucasus Mountains and tortured. Every day Eagle was ordered to come and eat the liver of Prometheus eternally. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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