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Management Information System of Linux - Assignment Example

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"Management Information System of Linux" paper identifies what problem Linux and other open-source software help companies address and how open-source software helps. The author also identifies the issues and challenges deploy open-source software raise and what can be done to address these issues…
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Management Information System of Linux
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Extract of sample "Management Information System of Linux"

Download file to see previous pages As emphasized by GB direct (n.d.) “one of the principal reasons for the growth of open-source software is its affinity with this business model” (par. 8). The support applications specifically come in the form of “helpdesk advice and diagnostic research and direct intervention to diagnose and resolve problems” (GB direct, n.d., par. 24).

The helpdesk application of open source software “backs-up and extends in-house resources when they are approaching their limits” (GB direct, n.d., par. 26). Even unskilled staff or personnel without any technical knowledge of software applications are assisted by the program to back-up relevant files. This support mechanism of open-source software can be designed to cater to the requirements of the organization.

According to the article Focus on Technology: The Corporate World Migrates to Open Source, the open-source software helps through “access of the source code that companies can use to integrate Linux with their existing business applications and improve it for their purpose” (Focus, n.d., 125). The software allows business organizations to integrate the current system with previous applications. Further, there are savings associated with licensing and operating expenses from the use of open-source software. Finally, the organizations are made more secure in terms of virus attacks.

Deploying open-source software requires appropriate maintenance and regular support in terms of access to the necessary resources. Resources of the organization include human resources (knowledge of personnel using the new software vis-à-vis the traditional software), compatibility of the open-source software with the system used by the organization, technical support skills of both personnel and vendors of the software programs must be compatible with the systems, the type and kind of communities that developed the used applications, and exposure to legal issues. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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