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It can work as a control program for computers. In addition, it is a well-orchestrated family of utility programs and a set of tools, which allow users to connect and use its utilities to build systems and…
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CIS 206 U1 Review Assigment
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Computer Sciences and Information Technology Reasons why Linux is Popular Linux is popular because it has unique, as well as powerful features. It can work as a control program for computers. In addition, it is a well-orchestrated family of utility programs and a set of tools, which allow users to connect and use its utilities to build systems and applications (Sobell, 2012). Linux is popular in academia as students can easily understand it. It supports several codes and a rich software development environment. The development of Linux from the time it was UNIX took the effort of universities took the efforts of university and college students to publicize it. Linux also offers more flexible and configuration options. It supports compilers and interpreters for a quite number of computer languages like C, C++, Ada, Java, Lisp, Fortran, Python, Perl, Pascal inter alia (Sobell, 2012).
2. The Free Software Foundation/GNU and the Parties Involved in its Development
The Free Software Foundation is the chief sponsor of the GNU Operating System. GNU is an operating system offered for free (Free Software Foundation, Inc., 2015). Linux is a completely protected multitasking operating system, which allows users to run many jobs at a time. Parties that helped in the development of Linux are the AT&T and UNIX system Labs, universities and colleges.
3. Utility Program and how it can be used with a Shell to Create Applications
Utility program is the software that assists in the management, maintenance and control of computer resources. They provide assistance to the day-to-day computing tasks and keep the system running. The shell can be used as a programming language. Therefore, with the support of utility program that will keep the computer resources running, programmers can use the shell to develop some applications (Sobell, 2012). Commands will be typed, and the shell processes them and through this approach, patterns of the desired application can be constructed bearing special meaning.
4. Difference between a Multiprocessor and a Multiprocessing System
A multiprocessor is an integration of two or more CPUs, with input-output equipment and memory. On the other hand, a multiprocessor system has its control carried out by a single operating system, which is responsible for coordinating activities of several processors, either through interprocessor messages or shared memory.
5. Parties behind Linux
Several parties have taken part in the development of Linux. This traces back to the era of UNIX, which was developed by a group of researchers who needed contemporary computing tools for use in their projects. Then universities and colleges were involved in furthering its popularity. Bell Labs further promoted it by offering it to schools at low costs. Further popular changes were made, and it was called Berkeley UNIX. Another major version called UNIX system V was developed by AT&T and UNIX system Labs (Sobell, 2012).
6. Reasons why this Project is Unique
Linux project is unique as it has a rich selection of applications, both free and commercial. In addition, it has a variety of tools that include word processing, graphical, networking, administration and security, and web server (Sobell, 2012). Linux has also become more mainstreamed with other several companies, hence an attractive alternative operating system over others. It also has an incredible breath of peripherals and a high-speed connectivity with which it supports the new peripherals.
Free Software Foundation, Inc. (2015, February 17). GNU Operating System. Retrieved March 5, 2015, from Free Software Foundation, Inc.:
Sobell, M. G. (2012). A Practical Guide to Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. New Jersey: Prentice Hall. Read More
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CIS 206 U1 Review Assigment Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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