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Management of Human Resource In Health Care Sector in Asian Market - Term Paper Example

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This study highlights that the Asian Market is one of the fastest developing markets. The health care sector is a very important sector for tackling any disease and epidemic. HR in a very crucial component in any sector nowadays and the healthcare sector is not an exception either. …
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Management of Human Resource In Health Care Sector in Asian Market
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Extract of sample "Management of Human Resource In Health Care Sector in Asian Market"

Download file to see previous pages The problem basically is “inefficiency of human resource to meet its responsibilities”. This industry is working towards the goal to achieve an A+ grade in customer delivery process by facilitating them with extreme care and simple, accurate, reliable and fast administrative activities. For this, they have overloaded responsibilities in their existing ground and level1 staff.
For understanding the problem thoroughly, a study of the core of this problem is required i.e. “Human Resource Management (HRM)”. HRM is one of the most important functions in any organization because people are the main assets who are mainly responsible for any successful organization. The HRM function consists of the hiring of the right person in right time and in right place, providing facilities to all employees so that they can polish and sharpen their skills, being updated with new technologies and policies so that they can position their company in this competitive environment. The HRM also consists of maintaining transparency among all policies and regulations among all employees and managing all approaches towards compensation and employee benefits.
A decade ago, in Asian Industry norms HRM was an unknown term. Here all requirement and appraisal were handled by “Personal Manager” who used to be one of the members of the administration. Asian industry had a staffing culture which also played a major part in this. Most of the companies were family-controlled so decisions were only made by them.
Asian Universities also did not show any interest to take any steps. Developing countries like China totally ignored HRM and soft science in comparison to science and technology. In Asian companies, only profit and growth play a part in spite of better management. The result of this ignorance compiled in increasing attrition rate. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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