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What Are the Ways of Controlling and Treating International Employees - Essay Example

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Thу essay identifies various ways that the companies can control and treat their international employees to ensure that they perform optimally and provides an important ground which a multinational company can use to sustain a cohesive workforce amid the challenges of international markets…
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What Are the Ways of Controlling and Treating International Employees
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Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that in the 21st century, many business organizations have laid down strategies to the international market in an effort to increase their business profitability. As domestic markets become saturated, most business firms create an international strategy to invest in growing markets for their products. While new market segments provide organizations with opportunities to grow, they pose a great challenge to the management and these challenges may lead to the failure of these organizations. International market segments have unique business characteristics, customer demands, regulations, and cultural differences. In principle, international markets require unique approaches due to the variation in market characteristics. The concept of international employees has gained more attention as companies anticipate meeting workers from different countries and who differ in terms of work attitude, culture, religion, color, and race. All these factors become increasingly important as companies venture in international markets where the employee mix becomes increasingly complex. The managers are faced with the challenge of accommodating the differences of international employees and adopting tactics to ensure that they work harmoniously within the same organization. Effective leadership strategies are essential for managers to control and treat international employees and to ensure that they are aligned with the organizational goals. The role that employees play within an organization is crucial and this explains why international companies must pay keen attention to employee coordination within the workplace. Employees are major stakeholders within an organization and the role they play has a direct impact on the organization output. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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