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The Details of Management Information in Businesses - Coursework Example

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The paper "The Details of Management Information in Businesses" states that implementation of an effective management information system is of extreme importance for any organization as it helps the management in carrying out various business-related activities including improved decision-making…
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The Details of Management Information in Businesses
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Extract of sample "The Details of Management Information in Businesses"

Download file to see previous pages Dhillon (2010) states, “the chief principle of management information system is to make sure that the flow of correct information is facilitated to the right people or parties in an organization”. The key tasks of an efficient management information system include management of business-related information, documentation of the collected information, and assisting the management in processing the information. Lucey (2005, p.4) states, “the processing of data into information and communicating the resulting information to the user are the very essence of an MIS”. The main purpose of implementing a management information system in an organization is that the development and management of tools related to information technology help the managers, decision-makers and other employees of an organization in effectively processing the information regarding various tasks and business operations. Vitez (n.d.) asserts, “the MIS should not be concerned with whether the information can be retrieved, but rather how and what information should be retrieved”. Currie and Galliers (1999) found that management information systems are useful in not only collection and analysis of the required business-related information but also in the production of reports. A management information system is considered an integral part of any organization because it controls all activities regarding businesses of any organization by providing the right information to the right person at right place and at the right time. LaRose (n.d.) states, “management information systems are used to manage the data created within the structure of a particular business”.

A management information system is one of the most important aspects of any company or organization because it helps the organizations in successfully carrying out all the tasks related to different business activities by using the information that is appropriately collected and analyzed by the management information department. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Details of Management Information in Businesses Coursework - 1.
(The Details of Management Information in Businesses Coursework - 1)
The Details of Management Information in Businesses Coursework - 1.
“The Details of Management Information in Businesses Coursework - 1”.
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