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Managing the Employment Relationship - Research Paper Example

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This paper, Managing the Employment Relationship, declares that the 1990 Workplace Employees Relations Survey found that two-way communication has been effective in enhancing productivity levels. Unionism had a negative influence and in fact, strong union representation can generate worse outcomes…
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Managing the Employment Relationship
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Download file to see previous pages The firm has the option to include only certain categories of workers. Firms are also obliged to disclose terms of employment to the recognized trade unions. Recognizing trade unions give a single point of contact which is beneficial for the employers. Having a recognized union has other benefits. The workers are likely to be more involved in the running of the business. It also enhances trust and commitment among the workers. Since the trade unions represent several businesses in different industries, they have a wider perspective and experience in dealing with worker issues (BISa, n,d,). Small firms have limited exposure and hence can benefit from the experience of the trade unions. The unions are also a reliable source of legal and good-practice advice on HR issues and employment law issues. During collective redundancies or employment transfers, this expertise can be very useful. If the trade unions get to feel that the organization is keen to understand the workers’ concerns, these unions help to reach the firm’s message across to their members.
Employee commitment has been suffering at the recently expanded small firm which is due to lack of employee involvement. Non-union firms have no compensating investment in employee involvement and small businesses face numerous challenges in the process (Bacon, Ackers, Storey & Coates, 1996). Employee involvement can give the sustained competitive advantage to firms both large and small. This requires a change in the attitude of managers or entrepreneurs as authoritative and dictatorial attitude does not work anymore. As the number of employees has increased recently, the management needs to understand the employees’ needs and hence a platform for employees’ voice has to be provided. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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