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Setting Standards for Performance Appraisal - Research Proposal Example

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The paper “Setting Standards for Performance Appraisal” focuses on the process of Performance Appraisal, which assists in assessing the overall performance of the workers in an organization. This is a process by which actual performances are measured against established standards…
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Extract of sample "Setting Standards for Performance Appraisal"

Download file to see previous pages Performance Appraisal is the process of assessing an individuals performance with respect to quality, quantity, cost and time. It is a time demanding process.1 The procedure for the appraisal should be written and approved .2. The performance appraisal can be conducted annually. The regular appraisal will make sure that the deserving candidate is rewarded in the form of a salary hike, perks, promotions etc. This will motivate him to work even harder which will ultimately benefit the organization.3
The appraisal should not be an obligatory affair. The standards should be achievable. So, sufficient care should be taken while drafting the targets. Any over or underestimation may prove fatal for the organization. If the targets are underestimated it will amount to the loss of valuable resources. It will also give rise to mismatch of income and expense thus affecting the bottom line of the company. But in reality, such appraisals are overlooked. Even if they are made they are rushed up and as a result, they fail to achieve their main purpose. 4
The criteria for appraisal should be based on who is being appraised because the method of assessing the managerial level is different from that of the clerical level. Also, different jobs have different requisites like any job involving customer interaction requires a lot of patience hence the rating for this kind of job should include patience as the key parameter.5
The techniques of performance appraisal are Essay Appraisal Method, Graphing Rating Scales, Field Review Method, Forced choice rating method, Critical incident appraisal method, Management by objectives, Work Standard approach, Ranking method.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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