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Management: Social Responsibility and Ethics - Coursework Example

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"Management - Social Responsibility and Ethics" paper briefly analyses the importance of business ethics and the social responsibility concepts of organizations and managers in general. Business ethics and social responsibilities of organizations are generally considered as one and the same. …
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Management: Social Responsibility and Ethics
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Extract of sample "Management: Social Responsibility and Ethics"

Download file to see previous pages When we speak about business management, most people talk about the core business functions like strategies, products, training & development, management of various departments of the business like marketing, production, planning, etc. Social responsibilities and business ethics are the least communicated topics in the business community because of the least preference given to the non-productive sectors by organizations. Most of the greedy organizations spent millions on the research and development for improving their competitive power in the business world, but they often keep a blind eye towards their responsibility towards ensuring proper ethical standards in their business activities. Organizations that underestimate the value of their social responsibility often get into trouble in the long run.

 Social responsibility refers to the topics in relation to the social practices of the organization and its approach and policies towards environmental problems. Business ethics, on the other hand, includes all these social responsibility parameters and other areas like the ethical principles related to the functioning of the organization and the execution of work. The functioning of the organization means the functioning of the managers and other employees and also that of the top decision making bodies.

Many companies viewed business ethics only in terms of administrative compliance with legal standards and adherence to internal rules and regulations around two-three decades before. But now, companies, professional firms and individuals alike are being held increasingly accountable for their actions, as demand grows for higher standards of corporate social responsibility (Business ethics and corporate social responsibility). The whole concept of business ethics has been changed at present. In a globalized business environment, corporate companies have realized the importance and value of all their actions with respect to its impact on society and the environment.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Management: Social Responsibility and Ethics Coursework - 1.
(Management: Social Responsibility and Ethics Coursework - 1)
Management: Social Responsibility and Ethics Coursework - 1.
“Management: Social Responsibility and Ethics Coursework - 1”.
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