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Logistics Management and Strategy in the Construction Industry - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Logistics Management and Strategy in the Construction Industry" states that it can now be concluded on the basis of the literature review and the research findings that firstly the supply chain becomes strong and effective only when logistics is a part of such a chain…
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Extract of sample "Logistics Management and Strategy in the Construction Industry"

Download file to see previous pages This would ensure not just meeting the deadlines required by the customers, but also of the quality levels required by them. In addition to this, the control ensures that the requirements of the other stakeholders typically, the shareholders and the management of the company achieve their targets of production capacity and profitability. It is important for all these parameters to be met through the planning and control of the entire operations of the company. Supply chain management is required to achieve this objective
No business can survive without supply chain partners, both upstream as well as downstream. But supply chains themselves become strong and cost-effective with the help of Logistics. With far-flung suppliers, often spread worldwide, Logistics have become a specialised business and has moved from a simple point to point transportation to comprehensive services that include many variations as per client requirement.
With the introduction of Enterprise software, organisations have increased their competency and efficiency levels with the aid of these tools. Manufacturing, as well as trading, is now almost entirely dependant on seamless dataflow throughout their organisation both for input and output of data. A further use beyond this is the analysis of data and formulation of reports on the fly. It is also now possible to access this data from any point on the globe using the internet and the cloud. But organisational efficiency invariably depends whether the logistics are also on the same path with them as without this support the data becomes somewhat redundant.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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