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Nile Floods Public Health Disaster: Managing the Disaster using Katrina Experience - Term Paper Example

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The author of "Nile Floods Public Health Disaster: Managing the Disaster using Katrina Experience" paper while taking the instance of Katrina as a base model to discuss the flood threat faced by the Nile delta, pays attention to disaster management, which failed or succeeded in Katrina-hit areas…
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Nile Floods Public Health Disaster: Managing the Disaster using Katrina Experience
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Extract of sample "Nile Floods Public Health Disaster: Managing the Disaster using Katrina Experience"

Download file to see previous pages The Katrina hurricane disaster that wrecked New Orleans was a classic example of this. Authors, Frank and Trinidad have observed that disaster preparedness is essential in the current socio-political atmosphere. They say that disasters can lead to illness, injury, the devastation of homes, disruptions of essential services, and the displacement of populations. (Frank and Trinidad, 2007). Every disaster teaches the same lessons. “Advance preparation is essential, communication among responders is critical, rules and procedures are helpful, but autonomy and flexibility within limits are key elements of a productive response” (Frank and Trinidad 2007). 

Originating from the monsoon rains, the annual floods in Nile Delta create a fertile ecosystem for recession based agriculture, which has been an ancient Egyptian practice. ( Postel and Rithcer 2003, p.11-12). Egypt’s prosperity largely used to depend on this display of overabundance by nature. The same floods are now playing havoc with the lives of thousands. It had caused physical destruction, environmental degradation, health disasters, and human misery.

“Following major floods in Sudan in 1988, there was damage to agriculture, property and social services totaling around US$ 1 billion. Some two lakh homes were either damaged or destroyed and about two million people were left homeless.” ( Smith, 2001, p.274). This is an account of the floods in the Nile which is repeated every year, more or less in the same manner. An emergency flood reconstruction program was announced by the Government of Sudan in 1988 but another report that came from the country in 2007, conclusively suggests that this mechanism had failed. The joint website of Reuters and Alertnet (2007) had reported on 13th July 2007 that “the UN World Food Programme is to launch an emergency effort to help thousands of people displaced by heavy rains and flash floods across Sudan that have left 30 dead and scores injured.” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nile Floods Public Health Disaster: Managing the Disaster using Term Paper.
(Nile Floods Public Health Disaster: Managing the Disaster Using Term Paper)
Nile Floods Public Health Disaster: Managing the Disaster Using Term Paper.
“Nile Floods Public Health Disaster: Managing the Disaster Using Term Paper”.
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