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Open Systems - Coursework Example

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The researcher of this essay aims to analyze open systems, which are an interesting concept when it comes to understanding the management of organizations. However, to fully understand the open systems we first have to understand the systems themselves…
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Open Systems
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Extract of sample "Open Systems"

Download file to see previous pages Of course, the company itself can have many different subsystems which can have further include elements such as functions, produced and required products, given and received services, component groups, and governing individuals. Additionally, if a part of the system is to be changed, the nature of the overall management system may also have to go through a change. The overlap between systems as well as the encasing of systems within systems is also a given in such circumstances. A functioning system may need to exchange information and data among its various subparts to ascertain that they are all aligned with each other and working on a single goal. If a part of the system is weak or working in a different direction, the efficiency of the overall system can be negatively affected therefore communications are essential as the oil which keeps the system flowing smoothly.
To facilitate communications, the subsystems may be best set in hierarchies which lead to them being integrated in order to achieve the overall goal of the management system or the production cycle. Each subsystem may also have its own boundaries that make it different and distinct from others around it. Undoubtedly, this also brings about a high level of complexity in subsystems that reflects on the overall system thus in order to reduce the complexity and allow ease of operations, some companies may choose to have open systems for organizational management.
An open system is a management system that continually exchanges information and reacts to information coming from the external environment hence it is ‘open’. They are still understood as systems so open systems will continue to have their inputs, production, output, objectives, testing, and evaluation. At the same time, information exchange between the system and the external environment means that the information is used as an input to change the system itself. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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