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London Burough of Newham: Neighbourhood Management and Renewal - Coursework Example

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The purpose of the "London Borough of Newham: Neighbourhood Management and Renewal" paper is to reflect on plans and action taken by Newham’s local authority and regeneration partnerships. These include the nature and extent of local problems needed to be addressed, the composition of key actors…
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London Burough of Newham: Neighbourhood Management and Renewal
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Extract of sample "London Burough of Newham: Neighbourhood Management and Renewal"

Download file to see previous pages Newham’s important location as the gateway to London has influenced its past and will impact its future (Newham, 2008). Neighborhood management and renewal of Newham are being undertaken, to improve health, environmental sustainability of the community, meeting people’s housing needs, crime control, access to education and employment, improved infrastructure, and essential facilities (NIMS, 2007).

The Unitary Development Plan (UDP) provides the framework for sustainable socio-economic, environmental, physical regeneration, land use planning, towards guiding physical change and improvement in the Borough. It incorporates the objectives of the Council’s urban regeneration strategy which aims to achieve by 2010 a Borough that will be a major business location and a place in which people will choose to live and stay. The Council, by harnessing regeneration and partnership resources seeks to “strengthen and diversify Newham’s economy, create a high-quality environment, increase access to jobs and improve the image of the Borough” (Document on Urban Regeneration, 2008). Through raised development aspirations the Council is seeking a future that benefits the Borough within Europe. The regeneration of the area as major growth support for London will stimulate the revival of the region while enabling local people to share in these benefits.

Plans for transforming and regenerating Newham are underway, with respect to housing, transport, education, employment, leisure and community facilities within the regeneration areas, while ascertaining that the more established parts of the borough benefit both from their own improvements and from the main development opportunities. The emerging Local Development Framework (LDF) will eventually replace the UDP. The LDF consists of a series of documents containing plans for the development and regeneration of the Borough over the next 20 years. (Newham Borough, 2008). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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London Burough of Newham: Neighbourhood Management and Renewal Coursework.
(London Burough of Newham: Neighbourhood Management and Renewal Coursework)
London Burough of Newham: Neighbourhood Management and Renewal Coursework.
“London Burough of Newham: Neighbourhood Management and Renewal Coursework”.
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