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Esentials of Management: Team-Based Learning - Report Example

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"Essentials of Management: Team-Based Learning" paper discusses the statement that groups are an essential part of the structure of an organization but ‘teamworking’ is no more than a fashionable term used by management to give workers an exaggerated feeling of importance and empowerment…
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Esentials of Management: Team-Based Learning
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Extract of sample "Esentials of Management: Team-Based Learning"

Download file to see previous pages Setting up successful teams is a prerogative of any organization and in the business world of present times; it is very much a need rather than a desire. The businesses have changed so as to create more room for teams than individual working ethos. This has given space to more facilitation within the working environments of teams since they bring combined efforts and usage of more brains than a singular person. The factors that stand important in the wake of successful teams include a commitment towards common goals and a simplistic and solitary objective which must be kept in mind at all times. These factors underline the basis of the teams performing a singular whole than disjointed units within the framework of the organization or the group that they are working under. Constituting a team is an important measure since it explains the manner in which the team members would carry out their processes and activities in order to reach the ultimate objective – the goal which is insight. (Bonner, 1959)

A leader would guarantee that teamwork remains on the front end and are up and ready in order to outperform each other so that the end result is one that will make the team stand out as a whole. The objectives of the team are more quintessential than the individual members and this is one aspect that the leader brings with him whilst formulating a high-performance team. People selection and recruitment stands as a very essential step in teamworking since right kind of people must be geared up to the task and it is a must to check the kind of motivation that these team members have at the very moment and whether or not the same would remain like that within the future. (Michaelsen, 2002) Thus these factors are deemed as very important whilst getting the people under the umbrella of teamworking which would actually see that the teams would get the right kind of members within their hold and this is important since it will decide how the team would actually perform within the future and in the long run. In the end, for a team to keep developing in the right direction, it is the need of the hour to tell the team members time and again what is expected of them as well as gain their valuable feedback so that the whole mechanisms of team composition and getting the work done through the team is made apparent and crystal clear. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Esentials of Management: Team-Based Learning Report.
(Esentials of Management: Team-Based Learning Report)
Esentials of Management: Team-Based Learning Report.
“Esentials of Management: Team-Based Learning Report”.
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