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Music Piracy and Digital Rights Management - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Music Piracy and Digital Rights Management,” the author delves into the reasons for Digital Rights Management’s disapproval.  The case for enterprise DRM is synonymous with the case for a well-articulated, role-based technology and data protection policy…
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Music Piracy and Digital Rights Management
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Extract of sample "Music Piracy and Digital Rights Management"

Download file to see previous pages But the flaws inherent in the DRM system, which is large as a result of the Information Technology industry’s lack of foresight and rigorous testing of the new business model, has been drawing concerns from commentators right from its inception. For example, Robin Gear, a reputed technology analyst associated with PA Consulting expressed the following words of caution at a very stage of the technology’s application:
“If you have documents going around for the boards' eyes only, you can encapsulate data in that way. You can set up lists of people who have the right to view, modify, forward, and copy, etc. One thing perimeter security does well is that it keeps outsiders from getting in and getting information, but it does nothing to stop insiders from malicious behavior” (Compton, 2005)
The Digital Rights Management (DRM) initiative is an industry-wide agreement on a robust and fool-proof data security technology. The necessity for such sophisticated technology is the rapid growth in online commerce, especially the businesses related to entertainment. This includes downloadable movies, music albums, electronic books, etc. A very successful application of DRM technology is seen in Apple’s iTunes service. Music offered for purchase is encrypted and unlocking the encryption is only possible by a “compatible player with the correct password”. For example, when a new song is bought, the buyer is required to send the unique code of his music player to the iTunes technical department. After this, the iTunes manufacturing unit encrypts the music file. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Music Piracy and Digital Rights Management Assignment.
(Music Piracy and Digital Rights Management Assignment)
Music Piracy and Digital Rights Management Assignment.
“Music Piracy and Digital Rights Management Assignment”.
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