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Process Mapping Techniques and Organizational Analysis - Essay Example

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This paper "Process Mapping Techniques and Organizational Analysis" focuses on the fact that information leads to informed decisions making. It also helps to monitor or measure the performance of the decisions over time. Business intelligence tools made it easier to analyze the information.  …
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Process Mapping Techniques and Organizational Analysis
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Extract of sample "Process Mapping Techniques and Organizational Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages Nitse, Parker, and Dishman (2003) contend that today multitudes of tools are available to gather market competitive intelligence and unless these tools are equipped with an adequate specification of the environmental variables that need to be monitored, their information gathering will be inadequate. As important as the information gathering methods are, it is equally important to understand what information to look for. The information gathered must be able to provide a historical snapshot of competitor statistics across multiple behavioural indicators and it should be able to detect trends and shifts in technology. The goal of any information gathering system is high recall and precision.

According to Kim, Suh and Hwang (2003), information gathering can be done through the frame, Petri Net, semantic network, concept mapping and knowledge mapping. A frame is a collection of information and associated actions accessible to humans and machines. Petri Net depicts important knowledge about the structure and dynamic behaviour of the system. It contains information on all available process variants and knowledge of their evaluation procedures. For information on the process and its components, the main elements in this model are transitions, and places for information on evaluation knowledge and status. A Petri net model helps gain insight into its dynamic behaviour and evaluates alternate process layouts. The process definition graph when translated into some form of Petri net enables formal properties such as termination and freedom from deadlock to be proved but these cannot analyze or optimize process executions say, Dayal, Hsu, and Ladin (2001).

A semantic network is another powerful knowledge representation system which is easy to understand and can be used in automated processing systems. They can be used to archive company information. Each node in this network is specific knowledge and the links show the interrelationship between knowledge in the semantic network.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Process Mapping Techniques and Organizational Analysis Essay - 1, n.d.)
Process Mapping Techniques and Organizational Analysis Essay - 1.
(Process Mapping Techniques and Organizational Analysis Essay - 1)
Process Mapping Techniques and Organizational Analysis Essay - 1.
“Process Mapping Techniques and Organizational Analysis Essay - 1”.
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