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Greenfield Site Operations - Case Study Example

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The paper "Greenfield Site Operations" highlights that generally speaking, if people have to be transferred from one location to another, they should be told that the position is a promotion and show the additional benefits of working at a higher position. …
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Download file to see previous pages Despite the problems, the company can handle all of their issues if they plan the new plant carefully and obtain HR from other locations. Similarly, local partnerships and strategic alliances can also help improve relationships with local communities which would eventually be beneficial for all parties rather than create an air of hostility. Additionally, the company is also advised to keep a continual check on the progress of the situation at least during the early stages of the development and operations of the plant.
The expansion of a business involves a lot more than simply injecting money into a project and hoping for the best. It requires careful planning, running adjustments and the correct application of growth strategies which ensure that certain parameters fall in line and let the business grow in a positive direction (Pettinger, 1994). Without accurate monitoring and continual watch over a new venture, the expansion can not only remain unprofitable but also become a loss center for a company which does not have a clear plan for generating revenue out of the site operations.
Fundamentally, ACME manufacturing is looking at change as well as growth while it seeks to grow its operations on the new Greenfield location. While the board members are visibly excited about the upcoming prospects, there are also some rather pressing questions about how the plant is going to be set up and the management controls which will be required to handle any possible hostility or resentment which the locals may have towards the organization. Similarly, there are quality control based as well as HR-related issues and it would be best if all the problems and their possible solutions are examined in turn.
The first issue which the company faces is the environment under which the new plant is to be set up and the conditions which will be faced in terms of local community relations once work begins on the plant. Local businesses and the community, in general, have shown some reservations against the company since it is a large business and in historical terms, large businesses have not been made entirely welcome in the region. Therefore, the first battle which needs to be won by the company has to be fought by the PR department in gaining the support of the local community. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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