Supporting Development of British Petroleum - Case Study Example

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The paper “Supporting Development of British Petroleum” looks at British Petroleum, a London based organization. The organization has a multinational presence as far as its structure is concerned.  The organization has business operations almost in 80 countries across the world. …
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Supporting Development of British Petroleum
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Download file to see previous pages Progress is also a product for the organization. Natural gas is also an important product for the company. Apart from natural gas, the London based organization has products like Petroleum, Motor Fuels, and Petrochemical and aviation fuels. In 2013 revenue of the organization was US$ 396.217 billion. As far as the revenue of the organization is concerned it is the fifth largest organization in the industry. The company is vertically integrated. BP over the years has done multidimensional works in the industry. The organization is engaged with exploration, production, distribution, and refining, trading and power generation. BP is a public limited company and shares of the organizations are traded in London Stock exchange, New York Stock exchange, and Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Political and economic factors are the two key factors as far as the external environment of the organization is concerned. The organization has a multinational presence. Political stability is significantly important for the company (Ulph, 2011, pp. 45-47). Political situations of the different countries vary from each other. The political situation of the USA is significantly different from the same in Somalia and Pakistan. When the organization takes any project overseas, it involves lots of human resources, finances, and technologies. Political instability can be a significant matter of concern for the organization. Global political unrests can delay the projects of BP. It can be a significant barrier to success as far as the financial results are concerned. The global economic situation is also a key external factor for the company. If the economic situation of the world is sluggish then the revenue of the organization can decline because the sales figure of the organization will decline due to sluggish economic situations. On the other hand, if the global economy is doing well then demands of the energy products. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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