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Methods of Unbiased Appraisals - Research Proposal Example

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The paper "Methods of Unbiased Appraisals" discusses that the managers of human resources department in various types of businesses will be contacted for an appointment and given the choice of filling out a questionnaire or being contacted by phone to answer the interview questions…
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Methods of Unbiased Appraisals
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Extract of sample "Methods of Unbiased Appraisals"

Download file to see previous pages The growth of new demands, spurred on by increasing competitiveness and globalisation, the level of involvement the human resources departments have had to take has grown. Unfortunately, in many cases, this growth has not yet been matched by the level of competency or unbiased behaviour.
Problems also arise when comparing the differing perceptions that international employees may hold in regards to different subjects such as sexual harassment and discrimination (Day, 2). This can present problems in many ways. For example, customs that are acceptable in one cultural group may not be so while interacting with another group. However, these differences may not be readily available as laws may not yet have been established referencing such behaviours. In these times, the human resources department must begin acting as an impartial mediator to resolve these differences fairly between all parties involved.
Today’s business world appears to be growing smaller and smaller as businesses grow larger and larger. As companies and organisations become more global, they begin entering markets on an international scale. This globalisation requires buildings to be constructed on foreign soils, diversity in ethics, management, and policies. The competition derived from the new global market has sent businesses into a new race to gain a competitive advantage against both local and foreign industries. During this race, companies must begin redefining internal questions such as management ethics, hiring and training policies, and company diversity. While many of these matters can be resolved quickly within their own local markets, meeting such goals when entering a foreign market is no easy task; human resources departments must conduct research on the new market to see where the advantages and flaws within the existing organisation can fit within a new market (Noe, et al, 534). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Methods of Unbiased Appraisals Research Proposal.
“Methods of Unbiased Appraisals Research Proposal”.
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