Initiative to Engage Employees and Reduce Voluntary Turnover - Assignment Example

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This essay stresses that motivated and productive employees are integral to today’s workforce, but an issue that continues to pose challenges to CEOs, managers and Human Resource Departments is the difficulty that is involved in retaining employees. …
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Initiative to Engage Employees and Reduce Voluntary Turnover
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Download file to see previous pages From this paper it is clear that as the CEO, ensuring that the employees need for trust is satisfied, can be achieved through enquiring about the needs of the employees. Failing to be aware of the needs of the employees of the company is not a good thing even though it typically happens. This form of mindset should be shifted immediately in order to ensure that the employee issues are understood.
As the discussion stresses as the CEO, the author of the report  would come up with mechanism that will provide information of the aspects that are crucial to the employees and since they may not be willing to provide this information directly to the CEOs office, the avenues for this communication should encourage them to provide information. He would make myself available, as a real human being, associate with the employees and show them that I care in order to make communication smoother with the aim of nurturing trust. In order to satisfy the need of the employees to have hope, as the CEO, he must maintain a positive work setting that will ensure the work environment is conducive and positive for the employees. This is because the work environment is critical to the motivation and happiness of the employees. the reporter would foster hope in the employees by ensuring that they are happy through giving them freedom and eliminating negativity. Therefore, he would ensure that people with bad attitudes are pulled aside and advised on the values they can change in order to increase positivity in the workplace. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Initiative to Engage Employees and Reduce Voluntary Turnover Assignment.
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