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The constructive interpretation style is more appropriate because it helps one gain a deeper understanding of the law through a back-and-forth exchange. Moreover, it…
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Legal Thinking, Legal Logic, and Legal Philosophy
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Legal Thinking, Legal Logic, and Legal Philosophy Legal Thinking, Legal Logic, and Legal Philosophy Which of the following interpretation styles would be most common for front-line supervisors in your profession?
The most common interpretation style for front-line supervisors in my profession would be the constructive one. The constructive interpretation style is more appropriate because it helps one gain a deeper understanding of the law through a back-and-forth exchange. Moreover, it allows the supervisor to consider other factors such environmental factors that affect the interpretation of the law. The constructive interpretation style presents the supervisor with an opportunity to consider all the relationships between the law and the situation at hand. Since all environmental and situation factors are given consideration, the supervisor is more likely to interpret the law appropriately. Interpreting the law from different perspectives is a better approach to achieving justice. When using the constructive approach, interpretation of the law is more realistic because of its application to the specific situation at hand.
Which of the following philosophies would be most useful for front-line supervisors in your profession?
Legal realism is the most appropriate legal philosophy for front-line supervisors in my profession. Notably, Holmes, who was a famous jurist in the United States Supreme Court, developed the approach. According to legal realism, the law defines the morality of the society. For this reason, the law has the role of promoting, redirecting, as well as hindering moral views. Supervisors should rely on legal realism and consider the law as an effective system for prediction of future outcomes if certain moral laws are broken (Posner, 2013). Moreover, supervisors who rely on legal realism do not let emotions confuse their analytical capability. Additionally, legal realism ensures that the supervisors do not base their judgments on their feelings, but rather focus on what is right. Legal realism promotes proactive behavior in supervisors who should focus on maintaining justice in all instances. Finally, legal realism ensures that supervisors can separate their opinions and emotions while making effective legal decisions.
Posner, R. A. (2013). Reflections on Judging. Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press. Read More
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