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Continuous improvement on the free-throw line - Coursework Example

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The improvement cycle is referred to as the Plan-do-study-act (PSDA) cycle and begins with problem recognition through identification of facts and process…
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Extract of sample "Continuous improvement on the free-throw line"

Download file to see previous pages and recording the current process and identification of the causes of variation from the ideal and the current situation is conducted through analysis of a cause and effect diagram. Understanding the causes of variation allowed Timothy to seek alternatives for his son including standing at centre of the free-throw line, bouncing the ball four times, focussing on the middle part of the ring and aiming for a perfect shot, and shoot. Developing an action plan incorporating the alternatives forms the second phase of the cycle. Implementing the alternatives in a real time situation and making comparison with expected results is the last part of the cycle, which in the case involve the improvement of Andrew’s free-throw percentage to 69% from 42% in 1994 season and 71% in 1995 season and an average of 60% in-game practice. Changing the technique resulted in a fall of the throws for the 1996 season with a shooting percentage fall to 50% and reinstallation seeing an increase to 70% in gamer practice and 75% in 1996 and 1997 seasons. Benefits from the (PSDA) include improved results in practice and games, augmented confidence, and profound knowledge of the determination of changes in shooting technique resulting in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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