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Because through happiness there would be more production rate, high-quality customer handling, and the establishment of effective working place among others.
This idea…
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Case study, the business case for happiness
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BUSINESS CASE FOR HAPPINESS The key idea in this article is how to deal with the workers so that they are happy and enjoy theirwork. Because through happiness there would be more production rate, high-quality customer handling, and the establishment of effective working place among others.
This idea seems to be interesting in such a way that, to increase the productivity the workers should not be depressed instead they should be happy. Consequently, there would be low medical expenses, higher work effectiveness, and minimal absenteeism. This is because less time will be wasted in going to the medical stations seeking medical attention.
Also the variation in the mood of the workers, will determine their productivity. A negative attitude influences employees’ thinking, when we feel negative we may become detractor to one another. Negative feeling bring about a combatant mode of thinking. On the other hand, a positive mood has some bearing on people way of thinking to become confident, tolerant, constructive, un-defensive and lateral. Employees are happier if they are guaranteed on the retention of their job, they will not seek a good working environment instead they will make their current working place a better one. Happiness and other positive emotions can undo some of the adverse psychological effects of the negative emotions, such as the effects of adrenaline released in the response to fear or threat.
Despite all the efforts to make the employees be happy and work in harmony in the workplace, so as to increase their productivity. Still there is one major limitation to hinder all those efforts. The employees would be happy with the job but still domestic factors may lead to depression which may lead employees, not to be happy in their workplace hence leading to the low productivity. If the employees have martial issues with their spouse, it will affect their mental thinking towards their colleagues of the opposite gender. This is in the regard to the negativity in behavior of their spouses who is of the same gender their co-workers. This will eventually lead to conflicting factors in their workplace. Read More
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