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One of the ways of motivating the workers of an organisation or those undertaking a certain project involves creation of a system that appreciates and rewards their contributions towards achievement of set objectives (Cameron & Pierce 2002). An incentive pay systems is used to…
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Project Mgmt Discussion Topic - Week 3.2
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Project management – Incentive Pay System Project Management – Incentive Pay System
One of the ways of motivating the workers of an organisation or those undertaking a certain project involves creation of a system that appreciates and rewards their contributions towards achievement of set objectives (Cameron & Pierce 2002). An incentive pay systems is used to motivate members of the organisation or particular project by giving them better remuneration and added benefits based on the way they perform in the organisation.
Rewarding team members based on their competencies has been used by many managers as a way of eliciting maximum output from them (Cameron & Pierce 2002). However, the system has been criticized in various ways because of the fact that it may not offer long term solutions to sustained increased performance.
Advantages and disadvantages of this approach
In the first place, the system plays an important role by making the members to increase their efforts in order to get more benefits. This is a good move since the team ends up achieving more. However, one of the disadvantages is that the system does not create and sustain intrinsic motivation (Emerson & Loehr 2008). For this reason, some members often do not put their best in the work because they are not motivated by the incentives they receive.
In most cases, the attention often shifts to those that do best and not encouraging those that do not. In this case, the mode of motivation can affect work relationship between the members of the team (Emerson & Loehr 2008). The manager needs to ensure that the method he uses elicits maximum intrinsic motivation from its members. In as much as the project has to succeed from achievement of its set targets, it does not need to achieve them at the expense of its workers; instead, it needs to ensure that the attained results are celebrated by all members because of their combined efforts and effective motivation systems.
Cameron, J., & Pierce, W. (2002). Rewards and intrinsic motivation resolving the controversy. Westport, Conn.: Bergin & Garvey.
Emerson, B., & Loehr, A. (2008). A managers guide to coaching simple and effective ways to get the best out of your employees. New York: AMACOM/American Management Association. Read More
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Project Mgmt Discussion Topic - Week 3.2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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