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Communicating Effectively - Research Paper Example

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Conflict is a situation in which people’s concerns appear to be incompatible. In such circumstances, intentions can be described along two independent…
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Communicating Effectively
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, the patterns depicted within the cross-sex communication frequently display the mean both men and female engage interpersonally. Regarding conflict conditions, the underlying contrasting behaviors amidst the prevailing sexes is extremely evident. Conflict is a common component of the entire associations and corresponding means of tackling crucially to the basic survival of the associations (Stone, 112). This paper discusses the conflict-handling styles in males and females and the implications of these techniques for supervisors.
Communication is a procedure that entails sharing information amidst personalities via existing conventional system of the prevailing symbols and behavior. In addition, the mean through which populace frequently communicate relies on their gender (Robbins, Deenzo & Wolter, 50). Communication is an element of everyday life in which conflict is cumbersome to eliminate. Conflict is frequently developed when populace shares diverse beliefs concerning particular issues. Numerous factors determine what individuals believe, and they play an influential role in people’s opinions, consequently influencing their course of action. For this reason, there is a discernable difference between the conflict handling styles between males and females. Both genders communicate in diverse means by that making them initiate interpersonal communication in times of disputes.
In the book, ‘Men are From Mars and Women are From Venus,’ John Gray (2004) says Men and women expect their men to feel, engage via communication to their actions. People forget that both genders are unique. Thus, their engagement is full of unnecessary misunderstanding and disagreements.
The gender differences in conflict management originate from the gender-based tendencies that are rooted in a person’s childhood. Females depict a relational style of engagement, which entails expressing point of views, relations and offering a relatively larger proportion ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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