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Medium-term Balance of Production in the USA - Essay Example

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     In this essay, the author demonstrates why the problem of food insecurity is mostly financial troubles. Also, the author describes the actions, which may be implemented for the reduction of food insecurity. And discusses the main problem of hunger in the USA…
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Medium-term Balance of Production in the USA
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Food insecurity
The problem of food insecurity greatly touched different parts of the USA, in particular Osage, Houston and Bronx. The members of these areas are well familiar with the state of hunger and poor life conditions. The reasons for such problem are mostly the financial troubles, which have the citizens of these areas as well as the far distances to supermarkets or groceries. The aim of this work is to analyze the actions, which may be implemented for the reduction of food insecurity.
A large number of unemployed people of the USA are supported by the federal assistance programs, developed to reduce food insecurity. However, these programs cannot eliminate food insecurity completely. This work represents the project, including the number of strategies, which will help to reduce the rate of food insecurity in the USA. The first measure, which must be included in the program, is an annual monitoring of the state of food security. The forecast of socio-economic development of the country should contain the current and medium-term balance of production and the consumption of basic foodstuffs. This step will give the government an opportunity to predict the gabs in the process of development of the food market and take steps for their elimination. The second measure includes the introduction of the analysis of price and food proportions into the practice of the government in order to increase the volume of agricultural products, raise the investment attractiveness of the industry, ensure its financial sustainability and profitability. An important problem of food security remains the quality of food. The poor areas of the USA are often imported with the products, which are of low quality and do harm to human health. Considering this issue, it is necessary to organize a system of quality control of the imported products for the whole technological chain. The particular attention should be paid to the turnover of raw materials and food products with the high level of genetically modified sources. It is necessary to introduce the measures for stimulation and certification of eco products. At the state level, the government should actively promote healthy nutrition policy. The next measure concerns the building of a strong nutrition safety net. Even those people, who have a good level of income, can face financial troubles, caused by seasonal unprofitability, family conditions and so forth. In this case, it is important for them to be supported by the state authorities by means of the available access to the USDA’s assistance programs, such as Food Stamp Program, Special Supplemental Nutrition Program and so forth. Some people in urban areas have difficulties in reaching the supermarkets and groceries. In this case, the aim of the government is to organize the home delivery of the products at the expense of charity or governmental aid, which will significantly decrease food insecurity in the distant areas.
Concluding this article, it is important to state that the problem of food insecurity can be solved only by means of the active assistance of the government in the process of policy reorganization. The authorities must provide the appropriate conditions for those people, who have troubles with the food access. Food security is not just the primarily person’s need, but also his fundamental right. The measures, provided in this article protect the right of every person for the well-organized life conditions and healthy well-being. Thus, the implementation of the above mentioned measures belongs to the government’s obligation in relation to human rights.
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Wehunt, J. The food desert, 2009. Retrieved from: Read More
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