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SWOT &TWOS analysis of QATAR NATIONAL BANK and MASHREQ bank - Essay Example

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Its presence in the Middle East ensures that it progresses as more people gain trust in the bank due to its strong adherence to Sharia laws and…
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Extract of sample "SWOT &TWOS analysis of QATAR NATIONAL BANK and MASHREQ bank"

Download file to see previous pages The Qatar National Bank is one of the most secure banks in the world. The number of recorded cases of fraud and theft in Qatar national Bank is recorded to be at the minimum. This is mainly because of the sharia laws that they uphold and their tight security when it comes to safeguarding their assets.
Although it is the most dominant bank in the middles east and North Africa, it has not exploited the western and westernized countries whose main religion is Christianity such as Americas, Europe and southern parts of Africa.
Since it is an Arabic/Islamic Bank, most western investors and would-be clients in countries such as Germany, The USA and Europe, are resilient to bank with them due to the notion that they might be supporting terrorists or due to their strong diplomatic loyalty to their country.
Most African countries have a high number of Muslims and Arabs. Due to this the Qatar National Bank has a high opportunity to expand in these areas through acquisitions and promoting more people to join Islamic banking. (Hossain & Leo, 2009)
Over the years there has been an increase in the demand for bond market in the Middle East, most Islamic states and Qatar in general. This is a great opportunity for Qatar National Bank to expand as the actions propel the growth of banks
There is a great opportunity to exploit the western countries. This can be done through campaigns to discourage acts of terrorism and campaigns to unite the eastern and western countries together to eradicate the fear that western clients might have.
Due to the recent introduction of more banks who are offering services at a lower price, their might be a decrease in foreign investments in the Middle East and Qatar which will in the long run affect the bank (Mostafa 2009)
Mashreq bank is globally known and is one of the most productive and effective banks in the United Arab Emirates UAE. It has also achieved recognition by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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