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Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA) is defined as the measurement of the processes involved in balance power during the negotiation process. BATNA is a process with four distinct steps that negotiators use to assess its possible outcomes. The steps include listing…
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BATNA Basics Assignment
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BATNA Basics Assignment Introduction Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA) is defined as the measurement of the processes involved in balance power during the negotiation process. BATNA is a process with four distinct steps that negotiators use to assess its possible outcomes. The steps include listing your alternatives, evaluating your alternatives, establishing your BATNA and finally calculating the reservation value.
The Four-Step Process to Assess BATNA
List your alternatives. It is evident that not all negotiations end up in a win-win situation. Sometimes a negotiation may end up in impasse contrary to an individual’s expectation. It is, therefore, before this stage that an individual takes time to think about all other possible options available, including the possible no-deal options (NMR 1). If the individual think and explore best options, then he or she has higher chances of proper and satisfying outcomes.
Evaluate your alternatives. After listing all the possible options available, an individual moves to give the options a close examination and calculates the value attached to each of them before pursuance of each.
Establish your BATNA. At this step, the individual must be careful to choose only courses of action that are viable in terms of yielding the expected value. The individual pursues the BATNA if the ongoing negotiation fails. It must have high chances of providing a positive solution.
Calculate your value of reservation. In this step, the individual calculates his or her reservation value. The lowest proposed value deal that would be acceptable to the individual must not be lower than the reservation value chosen. If the proposed reservation value is lower than his reservation value, then the individual better rejects and subsequently pursues the original BATNA. However, if the reservation offer has higher value than the calculated reservation value, then accept it.
Hidden Hazards of BATNA Research
Wastage of Money, Time and Energy
Forgoing options after investing your resources in it creates a feeling of wastage. It thus requires that the individual find way of counterbalancing the situation (NMR 1). In addition, negotiations that are more costly during strong BATNA development may deter an individual’s efforts and behavior.
Disappointments and Exposure
The other hazard is that the negotiating individual may feel disappointed and exposed if all the details he reveals fail to yield expected outcomes. Prior investments have high likelihood of compromising ethical standards and emerging from sunk cost shadow cast become challenging.
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Negotiation Management Report Team. BATNA Basics: Boost Your Power at the Bargaining Table Management Report. New York: Harvard Law School, 2012. Read More
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BATNA Basics Assignment Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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