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Project Management Tools and Techniques - Essay Example

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In the past decades, the subject of project management has integrated the new approach of accomplishing its tasks and its application radically changed. The difference attributes to new emerging processes of management and the associated philosophies that regard the…
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Project Management Tools and Techniques
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Download file to see previous pages These terms include project-oriented business, project-based organizations, management by projects, organizational structure of project form and temporary project organization.
The Sydney Opera House is Australias best-known iconic structure that symbolizes the states beauty and culture. It is also famous due to its management failures during its construction, which had the effect of redesigning seventeen times before successfully ending. According to Architecture Week (2006, p.143), the architecture competition was won by Jørn Utzon after New South Wales set out the bidding process in the year 1957, it construction was commenced in the year 1959. The duration that the project was to take was four years with an underestimated budget of $7 million. The project, however, took a total of 14 years to full completion, whooping a total cash of $102 million (Bull 2007, pp. 145-171).
Taking such an escalated amount as compared to the initial value that was set with the addition of $95 million, are the reasons why the project is considered unsuccessfully planned and managed. Majority considers the project as the leading projects that had disastrous management in the history, not only from the management, but also financially.
In its analysis why it is a consideration as one of the most unsuccessful projects trace from the initial stages. On the conception of this project, the priority is to set out the mission, objectives, and its goals by the time of its completion. "For any project, objectives, goals and intentions have to be defined under the guidance of the client, so that the project can be in line with what is needed to be completed" (Ramroth &William 2006 p. 52). The main factors in a project to be considered a success or a failure are costs, time, and quality. Concerning Sydney and its clients, the last option was of more weight to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Project Management Tools and Techniques Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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