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The Mission of the Ideal Organization - Assignment Example

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In the paper “The Mission of the Ideal Organization” the author describes the mission of his ideal organization, which would be to form alliances with clients and partners by presenting them with exceptional solutions to their investments in the organization…
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The Mission of the Ideal Organization
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Extract of sample "The Mission of the Ideal Organization"

The Mission of the Ideal Organization
The mission of my ideal organization would be to form alliances with clients and partners by presenting them with exceptional solutions to their investments in the organization. This presentation would be achievable through the organization’s devotion to leadership and management quality. The culture of an ideal organization would offer leaders and other businesses an instrument for growing, visualizing, and communicating their perfect or favored organizational culture. Leaders of this organization would define the kinds of behavioral norms that optimize efficiency in the company to their staff members.
One basic assumption of an ideal organization’s culture and structure is the provision of a graphic profile of the enterprise’s traditions in terms of the behavioral norms that employees need to exhibit. Fitting in and meeting organizational expectations make up another basic assumption of an ideal organization. These anticipations guide the attitude of employees towards their work and the way they socialize with coworkers and superiors.
Behavioral norms of an ideal organization include:
devotion by all members of the leading team,
assembling just when there is an important agenda,
come to work with comfortable clothing,
avoid stress from work or personal issues by interacting with coworkers or taking allowed breaks,
distinguishing brainstorming from debates,
showing conflict with ideas and not their owners or presenters and,
retaining confidentiality all through work
Members of an ideal organization would interact at their workstations or through communication devices so long as they are not violating workplace rules.
The structure of an ideal organization would be functional. A functional structure concentrates on building very effective and specified divisions that carry out specialized duties. A functional organizational structure would be broken down into three business divisions: retail and business, asset management, and wholesale finance. Administration of these divisions would revolve around centralization, hierarchy, and departmentalization. If the organization were a large corporation, specialization would be commendable for the accomplishment of bureaucratic administration. Additionally, departmentalizing differing aspects of the organization’s operations should maximize effectiveness. However, departmentalization would change the organization’s structure from functional to divisional.
Nahavandi, A. (2014). The Art and Science of Leadership. New York, NY: Prentice Hall. Read More
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