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This is also important in setting up a business trend that new employees in the company as well as the people who are hired to lead the…
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Relationship between business strategy and organizational culture
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Business Culture Business cultures are important in ensuring that the business runs smoothly and the goals that are set are achieved in the set timelines. This is also important in setting up a business trend that new employees in the company as well as the people who are hired to lead the organization can follow and steer the organization or company to new heights. Companies spend much time to set up their cultures that ensures that they will deliver the selected mandates and the goals that will be set.
Forming business mergers is common when two or more organizations realize that they can perform better if they come together and pool their resources as well as their human resources to attain their goals. In such a case, they have to consider the business cultures that have been set and that will help them to set up new strategies that will be based on their goals as well as upholding the business culture that will help them achieve their goals in the shortest time and effectively. No company should prove rigid in such a case as in the formation of a merger both the companies have to give up some of their cultures so that they can work together in the common interest of the new organization (Reh, n.d).
In such a formation, strategists from both sides of the deal usually come together and decide on the plans that they will adopt and the ones that will aide in achieving the selected goals with the best economy as well as being time considerate.
Reh, J. (n.d). Company Culture: What it is and How to Change it. About Money. Available at. Read More
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