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Whole Food Market - Essay Example

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This essay describes that whole Food Market is the world’s leading retailer to offer certified organic and naturally grown products with branches in Canada, US and the UK. Their products are not treated with chemicals or hormones but rather naturally grown…
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Whole Food Market
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Extract of sample "Whole Food Market"

Whole Food Market Whole Food Market is the world’s leading retailer to offer certified organic and naturally grown products with branches in Canada, US and the UK. Their products are not treated with chemicals or hormones but rather naturally grown. Whole Food Market is driven by the mission statement broken down into three parts; “Whole Food, Whole People and Whole Planet (Whole Food Market).” Whole Food Market has employeed 300 employees to carry out the business. The number is good enough to go organic. A small employee size implies that whole food market supermarket has less specialization that promotes efficiency of the employee’s performance. Furthermore, a small size implies a loose structure with little formalization and is decentralized. The decisions cannot be made at single point, hence the employee motivation at the supermarket. Moreover, with increased employee productivity at the Supermarket due to specialization, there is saving on costs of operating the business.
Whole Food Market has developed an innovation strategy of its kind that would suit its organic business model. Firstly, they integrated the differentiation strategy whereby they provide their customers services they cannot find anywhere else so as to maintain a loyal customer basis. On the contrary, the supermarket was the first to dump use of plastic bags so as to conserve the environment. Furthermore, its social dimension towards its value proposal in engaging in wind energy practices; an environmental friendly approach is part of its innovation strategy. Moreover, in order to satisfy their organic goal, they have also expanded their business to developing their own line of sea food and an animal welfare system and more so boosting new and creative animal production practices. Therefore, putting these factors in mind, it is clear that the organization has justified its organic practices.
The environment that Whole Food Market operates in is full of potential. The external threats are competition from fast food companies as well as other green companies. However, its differentiation strategy has worked out in terms of beating rival companies. On the other hand, the supermarket realizes the environmental challenges, hence its approach to renewable energy and elimination of plastic. Such corporate responsibilities have enhanced favor to the supermarket from its green customers. Another environemental principle is always being ahead producing high quality products as well as realizing and utilizing opportunities.
However, technology to Whole Food Market is not ideal because of the high routine it encompasses. The presence of high specialization in the supermarket imply high level of outputs hence the use of technology would not differ significantly. On the contrary, to some extent, technology would be beneficial to the Whole Food Market. It would aid in designing a website that interacts well with customers such as providing cooking tips to some of their prouducts. Also marketing would be enhanced. However, technology would imply lots of time wasted in updating prices, website information thus why its inappropriate. In addtion, WFM does not practice repetitive practices, hence no need to integrate advance technology system into the business.
In conclusion, Whole Food Market is the largest retailer in organic products in th US. It has 300 employees geared towards quality and high productivity. It is mission driven boosted by its innovation strategy and stable environment. Therefore, it operates an organic model without formalities but with good implication to managers.
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Whole Food Market Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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