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Budget of Strong and Strengthening Economy - Case Study Example

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The case study "Budget of Strong and Strengthening Economy" illustrates that many people across the world buy and sell property in retail shops, a large number of the British public have discovered the most convenient places to carry out their shopping…
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Budget of Strong and Strengthening Economy
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Extract of sample "Budget of Strong and Strengthening Economy"

Download file to see previous pages While many upcoming and old supermarkets have a long way to go, many others have made great efforts utilizing their power, in an ethical manner to progress.
Lidl is among the fast-growing supermarkets in Europe. The company was started as a grocery wholesaler back in 1930, in Germany (Grant & Vidler 2003.p.90-93). Since then, the company has established many networks thus becoming part of the largest grocery retailers in the European countries. In 1973, the company opened its first store in Germany. Beginning in 1990, Lidl opened stores outside Germany. Lidl stores are now found in nearly all countries in Europe. The secret behind this holds to their pride in the provision of top quality products at the most convenient prices.
Lidl Company is managed by well-dedicated personnel with their ambition to win the trust of as many customers as possible in Europe. This has helped in the establishment of more stores and the development of opportunities for imports and exports (Bamford & Grant 2000.p.105-109). Lidl was established in the U.K in 1994. Since then, the company has had a consisted growth and has made up to six hundred stores with the recruitment of more than eleven thousand employees. Lidl UK is among the best Europe discounters offering the lowest prices for products. They have increased their market share in Europe during the 1990s. This has significantly improved from seven percent in 992 to ten percent in 2004.
Lidl U.K has significantly expanded its sources and range of products including horticulture over the years. Within their premises, there has been a great variety of horticultural products sourced from different countries of the world. The establishment of the intra-European Union trade has led to the achievement of their success which has enabled increased imports of fresh fruits and vegetables even during the off-season. During the era when companies sold blackberries and mangetout from various countries throughout the year, the significance of the seasonal organic products retreated at the beginning of the nineteenth century.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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