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Real World Negotiation 2 - Assignment Example

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We are close friends, so we share secrets about our personal lives. Sofia’s boyfriend, Echo, and I are also good friends. Some years back, after dating Echo for a year, Sofia told me about a party that she had attended and…
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Real World Negotiation 2
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Extract of sample "Real World Negotiation 2"

Real World Negotiation 2 Introduction Sofia and I have been friends for a long time. We are close friends, so we share secrets about our personal lives. Sofia’s boyfriend, Echo, and I are also good friends. Some years back, after dating Echo for a year, Sofia told me about a party that she had attended and apparently kissed some random guy. It remained a secret between us. Months later, I received a call from Sofia. Amid sobs, she told me of her discovery that Echo was still communicating with his ex-girlfriend. That was against Sofia’s wish and Echo understood that. She had seen Echo’s emails to her on his personal computer. The pair, Sofia and Echo, remained on silent terms for about a week until when Echo approached me and asked me to facilitate their reconciliation.
Echo and I had a lengthy discussion and he expressed his desire to resolve his conflict with Sofia. So we arranged for a special dinner whereby I could meet both of them and try to resolve the conflict. I called Sofia and asked her to accompany me for dinner on that due date. I requested to surprise her by inviting a third person, Echo. To keep Sofia calm, I reminded her of how she had made out with a stranger at a party and never mentioned the same to Echo. I indirectly threatened to discuss the same with Echo and see if she was fair enough in her reaction. She eventually agreed to my proposal out of guilt. Thereafter, I rang my favorite hotel and made a reservation for a table for three.
When the three of us met at the hotel, I asked Echo to apologize to Sofia after talking to them deeply in turns. I deliberately told Echo numerous and long stories of how wrong cheating was to compel him to issue an apology. He asked for forgiveness without complaining. I requested Sofia to accept the apology and as a reward I promised to do her laundry for the next two weeks. Sofia smiled as she embraced Echo in a show of forgiveness.
I used the tactic successfully to compel Echo to issue an apology to Sofia. The very long stories about the negative aspect of cheating left him no chance of arguing. Next time I am negotiating using the tactic, I would give stories with both positive and negative aspects. That would ensure the other party does not discover my intention in advance.
I successfully employed the tactic on Sofia at the instance that I reminded her of how she had made out with a stranger. The reminder sparked emotions of guilt in her conscience. Through arousing guilt inside Sofia, I had used intimidation to make her accept my dinner proposal. The tactic worked because I particularly mentioned to Sofia a truthfully wrong-deed which she committed and so she was on the defensive. Being on the defensive side, she had to give in to my demands out of guilt.
My threat of discussing Sofia’s behavior at the party with Echo made her “chicken out”. The tactic worked out perfectly for me. The timing of the threatened action was perfect and as such broke Sofia’s resolve of not accompanying me to the hotel.
The Nibble
In this particular case, I used the offer of doing Sofia’s laundry as the nibble. The tactic helped me accomplish my mission of resolving the conflict between Echo and Sofia. The nibble tactic worked because of my good timing. I made my offer to Sofia towards the completion part of the bargaining process rather than at the beginning. The nibble gave Sofia more reason to accept the apology since that was going to be a win-win situation for both of us.

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