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Preventing Evil and Spiritual Leadership - Essay Example

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This paper “Preventing Evil and Spiritual Leadership” tries to define the concept of spiritual leadership what makes it different from other forms of leadership and how one can prevent abuse of spiritual leadership. It provides a good understanding of what is expected of leaders…
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Preventing Evil and Spiritual Leadership
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Extract of sample "Preventing Evil and Spiritual Leadership"

Preventing Evil and Spiritual Leadership
This paper tries to define the concept of spiritual leadership what makes it different from other forms of leadership and how one can prevent abuse of spiritual leadership. It provides a good understanding of what is expected of leaders in any organization toward a stated goal.
According to Fry (2003), leaders should follow a social/ emotional and goal oriented issues through behaviors, which are supportive and directional. Spiritual leadership, therefore, refers to leadership where fairness is integral and ethics are followed to the latter. Since ethics is central to morality and usually based on rational people, respect, charity, and generosity are bound to exist (Fry, 2003, p.696). These ethical principles make spiritual leadership different from all other forms of leadership.
Spiritual leadership helps to bring employees together with a common goal. It helps those involved to balance between workplace environments, which are stressful. In addition, employees are motivated to do their best, which leads to increased productivity. It also helps those involved to contribute positively, enables them to interact and brings a feeling of community hood within the workplace. Spiritual leadership abuse occurs when a leader tries to dominate, manipulate and control the subordinate by not giving a chance to air their views, ask questions or even to challenge their leadership. An organization can prevent this abuse by ensuring that members have a voice. Moreover, abuse can be prevented by not compromising members feeling while trying to meet their goals, and ensure free communication within the workplace by eliminating fear (Fry, 2003, p.696).
Freeman, 2011 states that leadership effectiveness is measured by the ability to achieve an organizations goal. These includes productivity and profit, how subordinates, friends and superiors view it .spiritual leadership enhances performance since mutual appreciation, affection and trust is enhanced.
Freeman, G.T. (2011). Spiritual and servant leadership: a conceptual model and research proposal. Emerging Leadership Journey, 41, 20-140.
Fry, L.W. (2003). Towards a theory of spiritual leadership. The Leadership Quarterly, 14l (6), 693-727. Read More
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