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Facilities and Maintenance Systems for Hospitality - Research Paper Example

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This research will begin with the statement that the condition of any hospitality facility has a main effect on the experience of the guest. This research tells that this involves from air-conditioning and plumbing to television as well as slot machines…
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Facilities and Maintenance Systems for Hospitality
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Extract of sample "Facilities and Maintenance Systems for Hospitality"

Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that the maintenance staff must be equipped with data and integrated voice, mobile devices in order for them to be always within reach and easily available.  It also enables the hotel managers to have visibility into and monitor the progress of duties and work orders. Push-to-talk can be used when instant attention is needed or text messaging. Mobile computers are also effective during processing of work orders and generating automatic audit trails. However, most hotel owners and managers have some weaknesses when it comes hotel designing. They don’t put into consideration the importance of attractive hotel design. Failure to ensure attractive hotel design results in small customer population thus less revenue. There is also need to carry out some maintenance test to ensure quality services. The success of all leading resorts and hotels depends on the quality of services that are offered to the customers. By storing all the buildings, rooms, equipment, and floors in a management solution asset, it is possible to track the management and maintenance of everything. The report of the cost will provide the managers with the costs of maintenance at any organizational level. The hotel managers can also set up preventive maintenance approaches for generators and HVAC units to avert failures. Eventually, the management maintenance system can be used to reduce costs, track maintenance, and ensure a quality service to the customers. In addition, using maintenance system can help a hotel or resort management to track management cost, extend the life of assets, provide high-quality services to customers, maintain efficiently and a clean environment. Additionally, facility maintenance system helps in improving labor productivity, reducing costly downtimes, minimizing investment and maintenance costs. Just like a person meets another person for the first day, it takes customers and travelers approximately 60 seconds to learn and gain the attraction of a resort or hotel. Travelers and customers start by examining the parking area, décor, signage, the carpet, or the smell of the environment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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