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Relationship(s) between leadership and management 311 - Essay Example

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Going by the established definitions of management and leadership, it can be observed that most of the success stories of the business houses are being accredited to effective managerial and leadership capabilities. In relation to this, an interesting notion made by Hill and…
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Relationship(s) between leadership and management 311
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, with the rapid growth of the business sector and constant changes in the nature of markets, the theories, concepts and practices of leadership and management have also evolved (Baker and Desjardins, 2013). Relating to these changes, this essay focuses on analyzing the contribution and use of leadership and managerial concepts in ensuring sustainable business practices and growth.
As stated by Brown, Treviño and Harrison (2008), selection of the managerial process in a business is dependent upon the style of leadership being applied. On the other hand, Bogardus (2009) mentioned that the management practices of a firm define the leadership styles that can be implemented. Both of these notions can be analyzed in an in-depth manner by reflecting their characteristics and objectives of utilization. As highlighted by Morgan (2009), the key objective of management is to enhance that the aims of the organization can be fulfilled while leadership establishes the mission and vision that provides direction to a company. Supporting this notion, Kim and Brymer (2011) further added that as an organization is structured and the work culture is established, the style of leadership among the various operational variables of the business differ. In the business sector, this sort of alignment between leadership and management can be often observed.
As an evidence for the above stated concept of alignment of leadership and management, the managerial process of Google Plc can be taken into consideration. The mission of Google is to help in spreading knowledge by innovating new platforms for sharing information all over the world (Day, Harrison and Halpin, 2012). Based on this mission, the managerial and leadership aspects of the company are developed. Lunenburg (2011) highlighted that Google being a technology firm depends on innovation and thus have created a participative managerial and leadership culture ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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