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Assignment NOTE ) do not type the cites address - Essay Example

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He should be able to tackle hard problems through careful analysis and critical thinking. As a manager, he also has to acquire strong interpersonal skills. He should have courage, confidence and good communication skills. This…
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Assignment NOTE ) do not type the cites address
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Extract of sample "Assignment NOTE ) do not type the cites address"

Skills needed in management position John needs to acquire the skill of problem solving. He should be able to tackle hard problems through careful analysis and critical thinking. As a manager, he also has to acquire strong interpersonal skills. He should have courage, confidence and good communication skills. This will enable him have a good relationships with other employees (Whetten & Cameron 132). He should also have extensive knowledge regarding the company’s line of operation.
Types of training required
John should get technical, human relations and conceptual training. Technical skill will enable him have the understanding and knowledge of the mechanics and technical requirements for the job. Human relation training will enable john as a manager to understand people and effectively work with them (Whetten & Cameron 67). The Conceptual training will enable him to think and have the ability to relate and organize the various departments of the organization.
What Jones should study
John needs to study on areas such as operations, marketing, human relations and finance
Value of contingency plans in today’s organizations
Contingency plans ensure continuity and sustainability of the organization’s operation. They help organizations plan in advance for the risks that are likely to occur. It helps organization prevent and mitigate risks that are likely to face the organization. It enables the organization to be future oriented and hence make the right decisions (Whetten & Cameron132). From my experience when the computer system crashed down in the organization because of fire, all the data would have been lost were in not for the company’s contingency plan of backing up the data in the internet.
How a company supplier affects its quality and productivity
If the company is supplied with good quality raw materials then it definitely produces quality-finished goods. If the suppliers give poor quality materials then the final products will be of poor quality. To enhance productivity of high quality products and ensuring maximization of profits the company has to have good suppliers.
Works Cited
David Allred Whetten, Kim S. Cameron. Developing Management Skills. New York: Pearson, 2011. Read More
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