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Take home - Assignment Example

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Name Institution Date Response to Questions Response to question 1 A crop refers to a plant that can be cultivated. The purpose of cultivating crops varies in accordance to the necessities of the cultivators. Spencer Wells illustrates these necessities to be ranging from sustenance based to medicinal purposes…
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Take home assignment
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Download file to see previous pages The population of both plants and animals evolved in accordance to the doctrines and dictations of natural selection. The first account on natural selection was steered by Charles Darwin, where he proposed that the continuation of a species is based on its flexibility in responding to the changes in stimuli. The crop plant has undergone this form of selection, since the crops selected for cultivation have been identified in accordance to the necessities of the human cultivators. Response to Question 2 Crop Top producer country (2010) Total worldwide production (2010) Wheat Russia 651 million tones Rice China 821 million tones Soyabeans Thailand 635 million tones Peanuts China 624million tones Corn USA 718 million tones Respond to Question 4 The disease burdens of humans after the Neolithic Revolution (the origins of agriculture) are considered by Spencer Wells to be trans-generational effects. The trans-generational effects including disease burdens he considered and discuss how these various burdens have changed over time since agriculture began. Response to Question 5 Human culture is centered on the possible models of sustenance that a population adopts to meet their daily survival. These models are frequently affected by the changes in the climate. Various adjustments are deployed upon the occurrence of adjustments in the climatic patterns reflect similar adjustment in the adopted models of sustenance. This eventuates in an adjustment in the cultural practices attributed to a given community. Response to Question 6 Spencer Wells identifies speech coherence as a chief contributory factor in the success of the Homo sapiens, as compared to the Neanderthals. His argument is based on the activities of the two stages of human development. The Neanderthals are described to have engaged on sustenance models that did not involve communal efforts. Hunting and gathering was among the central models identified. On the other hand, Response to 8 Plato’s Glaucon identified morality as the compromise between the desire to commit injustice and the knowledge that one might be the recipient of such injustice. How well does Wells’ proposal for achieving consilience concerning the origins of agriculture, greed, materialism, the rise of family values and fundamentalism identify with hunting and gathering people’s mythos? Response to Question 8 1. Researchers have identified a compound in cilantro, a key component of Mexican and other dishes that kills harmful Salmonella bacteria. It shows promise as a safe, natural additive that could help prevent foodborne illnessA foodborne illness (also foodborne disease) is any illness resulting from the consumption of food. Although foodborne illness is commonly called food poisoning, this is often a misnomer. .....Click the link for more information.. Although previous studies by scientists showed that salsa has antibacterial antibacterial /an·ti·bac·te·ri·al/ (-bak-ter?e-al) destroying or suppressing growth or reproduction of bacteria; also, an agent that does this. an·ti·bac·te·ri·al adj.activity, this is the first time that the researchers isolated any of the antibacterial compounds from it. The compound--dodecenal--was isolated from the fresh leaves of cilantro, or coriandercoriander (kor'ean`d?r), strong-smelling Old World annual herb (Coriandrum sativum) of the family Umbelliferae (parsley family), cultivated for its fruits. .....Click the l ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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