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Investigation of Equality and Diversity Strategy in an Organisation - Essay Example

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This paper focuses on the different aspects of HRM which implies a collection of interrelated guidelines with a philosophical and ideological underpinning. It takes into account the soft and hard approaches of HRM and also focuses on Harvard and Matching models of HRM…
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Investigation of Equality and Diversity Strategy in an Organisation
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Extract of sample "Investigation of Equality and Diversity Strategy in an Organisation"

Download file to see previous pages This essay explores four aspects which represent the meaningful description of HRM: a particular collection of assumptions and beliefs, a strategic force informing decisions regarding people management, the central participation of line supervisors, and dependence upon a collection of forces to shape employment relationship. HRM’s core objective is to make sure the accessibility of competent and committed employees in an organization. The other main objectives are as follows: Societal objectives: To be socially and ethically responsible towards the challenges and needs of the society. The company should utilize their resources in favor of the benefit of society. Organizational objectives: To identify the function of human resource management in bringing the organizational efficiency. Functional objectives: There must be a proper agreement between the needs of the organization and the HRM division’s service. The demands of the organization should be served well by the HRM. Personal objective: To help employees in attaining their personal objectives. Employee’s personal objective can be met when employees are maintained, preserved and motivated. Functions of HRM: To accomplish the above objectives, two types of functions are performed by HRM. The first one is managerial function and the other is the operative function. Managerial function comprises of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling. Whereas, the operative function comprises of procurement of workers, development of employees, compensation function, integration, maintenance function, separation function, career development, and performance appraisal. Operative functions are also known as staff functions or service functions. Other functions are performance appraisal and performance management system. The “soft approach” of HRM is best characterized by the humanist model of Harvard School, laid its emphasis upon value-added feature of HRM. It is nearly connected with a resource-based vision of the organization which considers the unique nature of implied competencies and skills of workers as the main source of economic advantage. It is framed by the objectives of a business, but the stress is given on those portions that make workers a distinctive resource, one which is competent in offering the competitive advantage and encourage intrinsic motivation. It treats employees as esteemed contributors towards the organization, thereby, paying attention towards their motivation, building up trust, and providing development prospects. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Investigation of Equality and Diversity Strategy in an Organisation Essay - 2.
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