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The Islamic Center - Case Study Example

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As a committed IC board member, ensuring unity of Muslims as well as ensure positive relationship with other religions (Cropf, Kohler, and Loutzenhiser 63). However, the organization is…
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The Islamic Center Case
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Extract of sample "The Islamic Center"

The Islamic Center: Case Study due Question IC operates in a region dominated by Christians with Muslims being a minority group.As a committed IC board member, ensuring unity of Muslims as well as ensure positive relationship with other religions (Cropf, Kohler, and Loutzenhiser 63). However, the organization is community interest motivated and hence board members need to maintain their other jobs to cater for their financial obligations. The success of IC depends on the overall success of the facilities provided that can only be achieved by well thought strategic moves. The gym is the most connecting facility and thus before establishing other facilities such as schools, the board must ensure that the community derives maximum utility from the gym. Therefore, in addition to the volunteers, the gym requires some permanent staff, to oversee its operations. This can be ensured by educating the community about their obligation to pay the required fees, and then using the fees to financially motivate the permanent employees. IC is advantaged to have a lot of professional in the board and thus with each member working on the new strategy (Cropf, Kohler, and Loutzenhiser 71), the community will be made to support its operation and thus avoid chaos in the long run without reducing the board members working hours in their other professions.
Question 2
The gym is a uniting factor in addition to being a recreational facility. For this reason, everyone needs to feel involved in its management, operation and maintenance. Notably, the vandalism was motivated by lack of proper and timely communication rather than change of events (Cropf, Kohler, and Loutzenhiser 70). Therefore, the ad hoc committee is obligated to advice the board on the importance of properly communicating to the community on any changes. Secondly, the community should also be encouraged to understand the main objectives of the gym. Holding several meetings to educate the gym members, especially Muslims on the importance of unity can adversely reduce chaos from the members. These meetings would also increase the member’s desire to volunteer as trainers. Moreover, the gym should remain well maintained, with staff that ensures that resources are well utilized to reduce costs.
Question 3
The gym was made to benefit the whole community, and members should be made aware of that. By using the Muslim teachings of brotherhood, members can be encouraged to help better the community they live and mostly for future generations. The most demotivating factor is lack of financial benefit in dedicating time to improve the gym (Cropf, Kohler, and Loutzenhiser 71). As matter of fact, the fees collected from gym users both adult and children might be too low to p hire enough staff and trainers. To overcome this, the organization may charge discounted fees for competent gym users who volunteer to train others and hence increase the number of trainers as well as encourage novices to attend gym sessions.
Question 4
IC’s major objective is to maintain close relations and promote Muslim brotherhood in the region. Given the diversity in interests of the members, the building would better be used as a community center. By not restricting it to sports, every person would have his need catered for and thus promoting participation. However, the events should be strategically planned to capture each class of people and communicated in a timely manner to avoid vandalism and chaos. Moreover, involving members in event planning can reduce mistrust significantly.
Question 5
The youth are always creative and innovative but majority can only be financially motivated. Therefore, they will only strive towards improving their career rather than volunteer to the IC. Fortunately IC leadership is composed of elite and successful individuals who can act as role models (Cropf, Kohler, and Loutzenhiser 71). Thus, the leaders should hold talks and discussions with the youth at times. An online forum where the youth can discuss their opinions and grievances can successfully capture the internet glued generation. However, the success of these discussions can only be achieved if the gym project is practically successful.
Cropf, Robert, Jeniffer Kohler, and Kim Loutzenhiser. The Public Administration Casebook. Upper Saddle Ridge: N.J.: Pearson., 2012.
Shafritz, and Jay M. Introducing Public Administration, 8th ed. Upper Saddle Ridge: N.J.: Pearson, 2013. Read More
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