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These include the safety concerns and the workers working environment which may allow them delivering the tasks as per customer and quality inspecting agencies requirements. Making sure that the company has a more dynamic outward presence…
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Critical issues faced by E-bay? E-bay is faced with number of obstacles. These include the safety concerns and the workers working environment which may allow them delivering the tasks as per customer and quality inspecting agencies requirements. Making sure that the company has a more dynamic outward presence also makes up for the challenge and task faced by the company. Bringing about system integrity, avoiding establishment of the price fixation and curtailing the elements that lead to the monopoly creation are also few of the facts and obstacles that the E-bay administration needs to take into account. Ensuring success in the strategic partnership so undertaken is another challenge faced by E-bay.
Culture of e-bay?
E-bay strives following a relatively unique culture in the context of the global existence of the multinational corporations in the modern times. The culture has been termed as open and reflective of engaging the individuals into positive activities.
The culture of e-bay suits the multi ethnic and diverse presence of individuals. it facilitates and accommodates the individuals who may have ethic, racial, cultural differences between them. It provides them with a platform that enables bringing their abilities out and making most of them. E-bay’s history reveals that the focus of their attention has been more about the people who are accommodative and flexible towards other cultures, other individuals and overall surroundings that make for the best company and brand supported by the organizational excellence in the performance and delivery of high end products to the customers.
What are the challenges of culture as the organization grows?
The challenges faced in the domain of culture are that of the cross cultural existence and global working. The fact that E-bay incorporates an environment and surroundings supported by the individuals hailing from different backgrounds makes it necessary to interpret the cultural context in a positive manner. for example it not only employees individuals from the native land of United States of America, rather it also incorporates the services and performance valuation of the people who may have shifted to United states. E-Bay recruits international employees and this automatically brings about diverse cultural interaction. The fact that the global operations are held through the means of communication and this entails interacting with people beyond the borders and beyond the continents, this entails the demand for a broader cultural strategy which will enable the function of smooth operations and effective performance altogether.
What should Whitman do next?
Whitman has so far brought about a massive change in terms of the development and progress altogether. Yet there is margin for improvement and development. The fact that the modern times are driven by excessive competition, it demands more vibrant presence and policies making. Engaging the supply chain members into network of quality oriented and customer centric policies are few of the tasks that Whitman must do and undertake in the coming days. Ensuring more effective public presence is another domain that Whitman can undertake. The challenges so faced that are described and mentioned in the first question are the tasks and the goals and objectives that Whitman can put in place and fulfill them (Hill & Farkas, 2005).
Hill, L. A., & Farkas, M. T. (2005). Meg Whitman at eBay inc. Harvard Business School Read More
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