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Reaction Writing # 2 - Essay Example

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In a company, managerial ethics are the moral guidance provided by supervisors to their employees. There is no single ethical approach universally acceptable. Therefore, all business…
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Reaction Writing # 2
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Extract of sample "Reaction Writing # 2"

Reaction Writing # 2 Ethics comprise rules of conduct recognized when it comes to a particular group or culture. In a company, managerial ethics are the moral guidance provided by supervisors to their employees. There is no single ethical approach universally acceptable. Therefore, all business owners have to choose their own approaches to the ethical management. There are several ethical approaches. All different ethical approaches have distinct twists on the meaning of behaving ethically.
Over the years, the firm’s shareholders and analysts regarding its ethics had raised several questions. In 2001, SEC started investigating Enron’s accounting practices. In this case charges were as manipulating the accounting rules and the masking of enormous liabilities and losses. The CEO, CFO and other key leaders were charged bank fraud, conspiracy, money laundering and insider trading. The downfall of Enron and its leaders imprisoned is one of the most reported ethical violations. Ethical violations yielded to the company’s insolvency as well as destroyed a very large audit firm called Arthur Andersen (Forbes, 2013).
If I was a manager, be it a top or middle position, I would make sure that I have influenced all those below me to be ethical regardless of the unethical practices carried out by top managers. This is because every organization needs a top management that is ethical in accordance with the company’s ethical approaches. The top management in turn influences the middle management who in turn influences the other employees. The shareholders have always expected the executive management to be ethical but it is not always the case. Therefore, if I mange to influence all the employees to be ethical, it would be very easy to bring to justice all the violators and avoid leading the company to bankruptcy.
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“5 Most Publicized Ethics Violations By CEOs.” Forbes. 2013. Retrieved from violations-by-ceos/ Read More
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