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Understanding Leadership - Assignment Example

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As a leader in any directorate or group within a business department, the most critical element to study is the best strategic leadership style that would create an overall positive prospect towards…
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Understanding Leadership
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Extract of sample "Understanding Leadership"

Download file to see previous pages Firstly, in Exploration and Production planning a critical determinant of leadership style is the group maturity. Guenzi & Ruta (2013) describe group dynamics and ability to respond to an emergency and normal situation as a primary factor in choosing leadership style. A group that is too dependent in decision-making requires an authoritarian leadership in order to speed up the planning and execution of duties (Goleman et al., 2002). Besides, slow decision-making process due to fear of unknown and departmental lack of confidence within existing options informs the need for an autocratic leader whose words and actions allow for speedy duty execution (West 2011).
In addition, leadership should be based on the study the effect of authority and counter-rebellion strategies often employed in planning departments. The best leadership should be seen to work towards the best results and not just authority exertion (Werhane 2007). In order to amalgamate the four divisions in E& P planning, leadership style adopted should be based on an already studied leadership pattern that has produced results either within the organization or even other established companies. As a core duty of a leader, the style of leadership adopted should not be experimental since planning is an enormous task that determines organizational direction (Velsor 2009).
Forman & Ross (2013) identify organizational timelines of executing plans as a crucial factor to deliberate on when deciding on the appropriate leadership. For instance, in E &P planning system, the decision reached should be well-thought and based on concrete findings. It involves surveys and various studies, under such circumstances democratic leadership is ideal because it allows interrogation of facts and figures by key decision-makers. Hong et al., (2013) identifies slow pace of decisions in democratic leadership as the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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