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Tobacco - Term Paper Example

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Study reveals that tobacco was mainly used in ceremonies and tribal rituals long time ago, probably 3000BC. Native Americans were consumers of tobacco in 15th century…
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Extract of sample "Tobacco"

Download file to see previous pages Many people enjoyed tobacco after introduction in 15th century. However, use of tobacco was seen as a sign of disrespect to the public. Research reveals that tobacco users suffered extremely leading to introduction of warning statements. King James was the victim of tobacco in 1604 and so he was prompted to issue warnings against tobacco use. The first industry of tobacco was started in early 17th century by John Rolf in North America. His industry was boosted by high demand from England. Study reveals that John exported his tobacco products from his firm to England. Approximately two hundred pounds of tobacco were shipped to England by John’s firm due to the demand from tobacco users in England. The demand was increased by high price imposed by Spanish sellers to the people of England (Yeargin, 2008).
High competition between John Rolf and Spanish traders forced John to smuggle the sweetest seeds of tobacco from Varina firms and started producing more desirable products. The sweetness of his products led to high demand from England. Later he named his firm Varina farms. Study shows that the farm in still in existence to date despite that it is not growing tobacco anymore (Yeargin, 2008).
The high demand of tobacco in England increased the requirement of labor force. African slaves were used as labor force in tobacco farms in early 17th century. Satcher (1998) point out that Jamestown in Virginia was the most profitable tobacco firms due to high demand for tobacco in England and other European countries. Study by the author reveals that the colonies wealth was from tobacco trade in early 17th century. Other cash crops such as cotton were not common but it was later introduced in 1793. The profitability of tobacco led increase in a number of farms in North America and later spread Southern part. Though it was profitable crop, it was later planted with other crops in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Tobacco Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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...Tobacco Use Since March 31, 2005, there has been a major smoking ban within many cities around the Twin Cities Metro Area. The most important part of this bill includes banning smoking on all food and bar premises within Minneapolis. However, in St. Paul, if your establishment receives more than 50% of its revenue from the sale of alcohol, then you may appeal for a license to permit smoking within your establishment. The air pollution and smoking in particular have always been major arguments within the Twin Cities. And although this ban will probably help to reduce the major effects of smoking, it has hampered economic development. Many bars and restaurants have closed since the ban, and tobacco sales...
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