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Interesting Topic on Decision making - Research Paper Example

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Organizations are made up of several departments that have systems making all the operations possible. To get the systems working effectively and efficiently, there must be some…
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Interesting Topic on Decision making
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Extract of sample "Interesting Topic on Decision making"

Download file to see previous pages Critical decision making on critical issues that affect the performance of the whole organization is normally coordinated and made by the top leadership of the organization. Organizations that make weak or poor decisions show the kind of bad leadership they have. This always reflect negatively on the organization. On the other hand, organizations that make strong or good decisions normally show the competency of their leadership and that impacts positively on the organizational performance. Decision making can follow the bottom-up system. This way, the decision is made by the line management and it is applied to the top management of an organization. Similarly, decision making can come from the top management down the management ladder. There are also situations where decision making is centric as well as when it is horizontal which involves making decision on the same level of management.
Organizations need to concentrate on decisions that are in line with its strategic mission and vision statements. Such decisions ones made, should be implemented in order for their effectiveness to be felt in the organization. This paper is therefore aimed at finding out how decision making as an organizational tool works to impact the performance and outcomes of the organization.
Indeed, when good decisions are made in an organization, and the decisions are implemented quickly, the performance of an organization will rise to show the increase. When a survey was done on 350 company executives to establish their organizational effectiveness, only 15% of them stated that their organizations help their businesses perform better than their competitors in their respective industries (Paul & Marcia 2006). The article sets it out clearly that what leads to different performance is the quality with which they carry out their services, speed, and how they execute their decision making process. In this case, one ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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