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A Plan For Productivity Improvement - Essay Example

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This is because the employees would not propose challenging goals bearing in mind that they want to accomplish their goals so as to increase their bonus amount. In addition, although Grady would…
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A Plan For Productivity Improvement
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Extract of sample "A Plan For Productivity Improvement"

A Plan for Productivity Improvement Question Considering Brady’s strategy I do not agree that it would work. This is because the employees would not propose challenging goals bearing in mind that they want to accomplish their goals so as to increase their bonus amount. In addition, although Grady would approve these goals, the employees would derail the main goals that the organization intends to accomplish. Additionally, although a significant number of the employees think that the plan would work, some, especially the senior ones are skeptical. This is because the junior ones may think it is favorable because of being money oriented.
Question 2
This plan may be improved if Grady would consider motivating the employees to accomplish the organization’s goals. Here, instead of asking them to set personal goals, Grady should encourage them to contribute ideas that would be considered when setting the goals of the organization. This would not only ensure that the employees feel that they are valued and that they have control of the organization’s decisions to a significant extent but also create goals that are unanimously accepted. Moreover, instead of concentrating on motivating them using money, Grady can consider different ways such as improving the working environment to make it safer.
Question 3
The chances that the employees would lose interest of Grady’s plan after a short success are high. This is because employees require flexibility so as to maintain a lively atmosphere. In order to ensure that the organization remains lively, creativity is called upon to not only improve the existing strategies to make them better but also establish new ones. This would not only guarantee higher productivity from the employees but also ensure organization’s survival amid competition. Therefore, the organization must devise strategies to not only improve it but also ensure that it does to bring boredom to the organization. Read More
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A Plan For Productivity Improvement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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