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Team operating guide lines and principles - Essay Example

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Every member of the team plays a part in the achievement of the goal. So there is collective contribution of all team members in the project. Therefore, whether the project succeeds or fails, the results are attributed to all team members. This…
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Team operating guide lines and principles
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Extract of sample "Team operating guide lines and principles"

Rule Teamwork means team effort. Every member of the team plays a part in the achievement of the goal. So there is collective contribution of all team members in the project. Therefore, whether the project succeeds or fails, the results are attributed to all team members. This includes both punishment and reward.
Anything done by a team has to be attributed to all team members. If one person is assigned all responsibility, other team members would not put in their best efforts. Likewise, if one person is held accountable, the rest would not care. Watson et al. (1995) found that “[t]eams that evaluated themselves as more effective on team interpersonal process also regarded themselves as more successful venture businesses” (Watson et al., 1995). Therefore, it is important to consider deal with all team members equally in both responsibility and accountability.
Rule 2:
All group members will take notes during meetings. Notes will be prepared individually. Notes should be in writing. The notes will cover full length of the meeting. Notes will be reviewed at the end of meeting.
Meetings are organized for promoting mutual understanding and sharing insights. In order for the goal of any kind of meeting to be achieved, it is critically important that all attendees mutually know the contents (Cramton, 2001). It is, therefore, required that all team members prepare notes individually while the meeting is in progress. This way, they can have the minutes of meeting prepared individually. Later, they can share and compare the contents to ensure everybody is on the same board.
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